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Bespoke jewellery designer and manufacturer.

Trying to find you're dream ring? - I can help you create the real thing!


It isn't always easy finding the right piece of jewellery that suits you, Maybe you want something a little -

different? That's where I can help! I have designed jewellery for people all over the UK either using their own recycled gold/silver or new metal.

Gemstone sourcing service

I offer a stone sourcing service to find the perfect gemstone for you. I will send you videos and images of the stone until you have approved it and feel confident it is the right one for you.

Other services offered:

❊   Repairs

❊   Ring resizing and reshaping

❊   Ring polishing and cleaning

I can also make any of the designs on my website or a bespoke design for yourself using your own gold if you wish to supply sentimental jewellery and have it made into a brand new ring! Please note - sometimes old jewellery contain impurities that can make the gold unworkable, most of the time when I use recycled gold there are no problems, but sometimes old gold doesn't work, if this is the case for you then you will be contacted asap.

Model wearing T&T jewellery
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