Niamh Bloomfield AJP/GIA - (Accredited Jewelry Professional)

I am a independent goldsmith based in Wales finding joy in creating beautiful pieces for beautiful customers.  What you will recognise is that i incorporate the beauty of nature in to almost every piece i create, from the colours of the diamonds to the intricate details of the band. 

I am a business who prides myself on using recycled materials where possible. I regularly use recycled silver and gold and will only use the highest quality materials to create my jewellery.


I do my best to ensure my customers receive the highest quality, beautifully detailed and unique pieces that I can give them.

The most rewarding part of my work is creating remarkable jewellery that represents each individual. If a client comes to me with an idea, I will try to reach every level to produce it. What makes my service so personal to each client is that the they have a say in every step of the process.

The STORY behind the Name:


​My children are my biggest inspiration in all aspects in my life. They represent pureness, beauty, life, eternal love and happiness;  everything a good piece of jewellery should be.

My children are called Teifi and Teilo, named after two rivers here in Wales, both of which  are known to be unforgettable beauty spots.


When my second son arrived my family was complete, and my business finally had the perfect name. That's when T&T was born.