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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty do you provide with your jewellery?

All jewellery comes with a 1 year warranty, this covers any manufacturing faults, stones coming out etc.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover against improper care of the jewellery or usual wear and tear.

More information can be viewed on our T&C.


Can I have jewellery custom made by phone or email?

Yes! You can have your jewellery designed and made via email or phone call.

The design process begins with either a hand drawn sketch of the design or using CAD (computer aided design). Once the design is agreed, digital images of the piece will be shared with the customer throughout the process.


Will there be a shipping charge?

Our shipping cost is currently £6.50.


How long does it take before my jewellery is ready?

Usually this takes between 4-6 weeks, for some complex designs it can be 6-8 weeks.


How do I clean my bespoke ring?

The safest way to clean your jewellery at home is to use warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle/baby toothbrush. It is important to get behind the stones if possible as this is where most of the dirt will build up.


Can I purchase your designs online?

Of course, you can shop our collections here.


Do you use recycled materials?

We use as much recycled materials as we can and often use recycled gold and silver. We frequently use recycled diamonds however, the quality is always excellent. We only use high quality stones and materials.


Do you work with steel or titanium?

Unfortunately we don’t, we only currently work with precious metals.

what is hallmarking?

Hallmarking is a process in which jewellery is tested by a specialist assay office to mark the purity of the metal. If the metal falls below the purity it needs to pass, it cannot be hallmarked meaning it then legally cannot be sold as gold/silver or platinum. If a item weighs less then 1 gram in gold (or gold and silver) legally it doesn't require a hallmark, anything above 1 gram in gold legally requires a hallmark to be sold as gold. All of my work that is above the legal weight is hallmarked by the London Assay Office, so you can be sure what your buying is high quality and solid gold and silver.  


Sadly at the moment we are online only, but we hope to one day in the future to own a shop!


If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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