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Enfys, Which is Welsh for Rainbow is one of the most beautiful natural sights we commonly see. The light the breaks through the rain that causes the most dazzling reds, purples, orange, greens and blues it truely is wonderful.


This ring is all about positivity, healing, and peace. It also symbolizes children, and the birth of a new child after the loss of the one before. 

It is made up from a large amount of natural coloured sapphires, these gemstones are hard, and stand strong against stratches. 


It can be made in 9ct, 18ct or platinum. The diamonds are set by hand in the traditional way it has been done for hundreds of years. 


To reduce the price this ring can also be made with round stones in the style of our Stacker Darlings diamond set band! Please email me about ordering the lower priced altnerative. 



Enfys Colours

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